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Police log


-5:52 a.m.: theft. Sadie Moore, 22, 1376 Sixth Ave., reported that overnight someone entered her vehicle which was parked on the street and removed a debit card, a social security card, a WIC card, and a wallet. She also advised her boyfriend’s truck was entered but nothing was taken.

-3:33 a.m.: vehicle trespass. Anthony Peffley, 32, 830 McKinley Ave., reported his vehicle was entered in the area of his home.

-2:32 a.m.: breaking and entering. Cooper, Adel and Associates on Wapakoneta Avenue reported their business was entered and a flat screen television was stolen.

-12:24 a.m.: warrant service. Police arrested Savanah Reynolds, 18, 331 Michigan St., on an outstanding warrant through Shelby County Juvenile Court.


-9:56 p.m.: counterfeit bills. Chilly Jilly’s reported a group of two males, and one female used counterfeit bills to purchase food items.

-9:39 p.m.: theft. Elizabeth Dillard, 22, 324 Oak Ave., reported someone took a 20 inch black and orange bicycle out of her yard.

-9:05 p.m.: criminal trespass. Four juveniles were caught and charged for trespassing on the roof of Show Sensation on Michigan Avenue. Two baggies of marijuana were recovered during the incident.

-8:51 p.m.: found property. A debit card belonging to Jodi Wright, of Lima, was found and turned into the police department.

-3:47 p.m.: theft. Michelle Case, 44, 2400 Wapakoneta Ave., Apt. 10, reported the theft of a handicap placard from her vehicle.

-3:46 p.m.: theft. Todd Battson, 50, of Piqua, reported the theft of an air compressor at a job site at 1226 Garfield Ave.

-3:36 p.m.: theft. Elisha Roth, 37, 315 Franklin Ave., reported her daughters bike was stolen overnight.

-2:24 p.m.: menacing. Shelly Marksberry, 36, 959 Buckeye Ave., reported she was threatened.

-12:43 p.m.: domestic violence. Police arrested Joshua Graham, 24, 217 ½ E. North St., was arrested for domestic violence.

-11:31 a.m.: contempt. Police arrested Kate Jones, 26, 824 Park St., Apt. E, on a warrant then released to the courts.

-10:41 a.m.: theft. Eunice Adkins, 80, 2645 Terry Hawk Drive, reported the theft of a purse, driver’s license, social security card, a chase bank card and a check book.

-7:56 a.m.: endangering children. A report of possible child abuse was made in the 500 block of Green Leaf Court.

-6:08 a.m.: found property. A boys dirt bicycle was found in the yard of 624 Ann Place.


-10:33 p.m.: theft. Kroger reported an unknown female took two $20 bills from the drawer at the fuel station.

-8:51 p.m.: assault. It was reported that Jason Fisher, 38, 623 Michigan St., was assaulted. He had apparent minor injury scratches to the right side of his face.

-8:41 p.m.: theft. Kroger on Michigan Street reported someone in a teal Hyundai got fuel from the fueling station and left without paying.

-3:02 p.m.: theft. Tammie Lykins, 48, 1433 Spruce Ave., reported someone stole six pair of blue jeans from the Super Laundry on Michigan Street.

-5:39 a.m.: theft. Police are investigating the theft of the Samsung cell phone belonging to Angela Webb, 32, 10535 Hathaway Road.

-12:17 a.m.: criminal simulation. McDonald’s on Michigan Street reported receiving a counterfeit $50 bill.


-7:13 p.m.: criminal simulation. John Little, 51, 219 S. West Ave., reported receiving a counterfeit $10 bill.

-2:45 p.m.: theft. Heidi Duckro, 41, 207 N. Walnut Ave., reported the theft of two Honda ATVs.

-5:11 p.m.: contempt. Desiree Lilly, 29, 210 Grove St., was arrested on a a warrant.

-1:44 p.m.: theft. Michale Carey, 69, Wapakoneta, reported the theft of $140 from his money bag at 224 Grove Street.

-7:36 a.m.: criminal damaging. Shelby County Historical Society on East North Street reported someone broke their front large window.

-12:06 a.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report of the theft of the wallet containing $500, a credit card and other personal items belonging to Wesley Conatser, 25, Piqua, at Taco Bell on Michigan Street.


-10:13 p.m.: contempt. Austin Cooper, 20, Piqua, was arrested on an active warrant.

-9:11 p.m.: disorderly conduct. Alexander Farley, 21, Anna, was arrested for disorderly conduct..

-11:43 a.m.: driving under the influence refusal breath with prior OVI. Derek Jones, 29, 3110 N. Kuther Road was arrested for OVI.


-2:23 p.m.: criminal simulation. Chilly Jilly’s on South Ohio Avenue reported receiving a counterfeit $20 bill.

-8:10 a.m.: theft. Marathon on East North Street reported someone stole two candy bars.


Douglas Hoover, 69, 822 Port Jefferson Road, was cited for right of way drive or alley after an accident on Monday at 4:35 p.m.

Hoover was in the driveway at 2500 Michigan St., facing southbound waiting to turn left onto Michigan Street. When he thought it was clear and pulled out to make his turn he collided with the right rear of a vehicle traveling westbound on Michigan Street in the left lane causing it to roll over.

The driver of the other vehicle was Gerald Meyer, 69, of Versailles.

• Billy Pultz, 31, 223 ½ East Court Street, was cited with starting and back after an accident on Friday at 7:53 p.m.

Pultz was backing out of a parking spot in the 200 block of West Poplar Street and hit another vehicle he didn’t see see parked behind him.

The driver of the other vehicle was Tara Pellman, 27, 2805 Wapakoneta Ave., Lot 73.

Fire, rescue


-8:06 to 9:14 a.m.: Medics responded to two calls.


-9:18 p.m.: Crews responded to 2350 Michigan Ave. to assist the police.

-7:41 p.m.: Medics responded to a call.

-4:35 p.m.: Crews responded to an auto accident.

-3:27 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.: Medics responded to four calls.


-10:01 to 11:51 p.m.: Medics responded to three calls.

-9:44 p.m.: Crews responded to an open burn.

-9:02 p.m.: Crews responded to an auto accident.

-11:23 a.m. to 8:04 p.m.: Medics responded to four calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap and Alexandra Newman.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap and Alexandra Newman.

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