Prayers go out for motorcyclist’s travels

To the editor:

I live in the country and we get use to certain sounds and if they are coming repeatably , you start listening for them.

I have a male motorcyclist who goes to work each day at 1:46 p.m. and comes home at 11:15 p.m.; I mean at exactly that time. As strange as it may sound, the quiet purr of that cycle gives me comfort. I look forward to his coming and going everyday. I do not know who it is, and it really does not matter. But I would like that person to know that I pray he gets to work safe, and at night when I hear him coming home, pray and thank God he is safely home. I do not rest well if i do not hear him.

I do not mean any harm by writing this, but only to hope he will read this and know God is with him and that I really look forward to him going by my home. Somehow it give me a feeling of comfort.

Strange as it may seem … when he does not come by, I feel something is missing. I have tried to wave to him a few times but he is concentrating on that motorcycle, as he should be. I never expect a wave back … I want him to have both hands on those handle bars, but somehow I just feel like family is coming home because of my unknown motorcycle friend.

God be with all who read this!

Charmane L. Fogt


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