Bad Art Ball Thursday

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SIDNEY — Gateway Arts Council’s (GAC) annual Bad Art Ball will be Oct. 13 at the Palazzo in Botkins.

“No election would be complete without a ball and the Bad Art Election is no exception,” said GAC Director Ellen Keyes. The event will include a social hour from 6:30 to 7 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. and an auction of artworks at 8 p.m. There will be a cash bar.

Tickets to the Bad Art Ball cost $25 each. They are available at the arts council offices, 216 N. Miami Ave., and online at

Since August, 25 pet lovers have been learning to make art. Kelly Walker, Jo Ellen Mason, Mike Behr, Rosie Wermert, Dottie Arnie, Mila Hamilton, Tod Acker, Joann Scott, and Pat Elsass, all professional artists, served as mentors.

Each pet lover has completed a work of art. Those pieces of art have been garnering votes, at $1 per vote, from the artists’ friends and acquaintances. The artist of the painting that has received the most votes by the end of the dinner will be declared the winner.

All the paintings will then be up for auction, to be called by Shelby County Sheriff John Lenhart and auctioneer Justin Vondenhuevel. Proceeds will benefit Gateway Arts Council’s programs and, if enough is raised, the Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation (SCARF). Once Gateway Arts Council nets its funding goal of $10,000, 50 percent of anything above that amount will be given to the SCARF.

“We’d like to do significantly above $10,000. We’d like to write a nice check to SCARF,” Keyes said.

The funds are raised from ball admissions, the auction of the paintings and votes.

“Online voting for your favorite bad artist will continue right up until 5 p.m. on Oct. 13,” Keyes said. Votes and donations will also be accepted at the arts council offices, where the paintings are on display until Oct 13.

“If you cannot attend the ball but would like to participate in the auction, there is absentee bidding,” Keyes said. “Just call Gateway Arts Council at 498-2787 before 5 p.m. on Oct. 13, list the artists whose pieces you would like to bid on and the top prices you would like to bid for them and a Gateway representative will bid for you. You will be notified if you were the top bidder.”

As of Thursday evening, the artists and their standings were as follows: Steve Baker, $947; Tim Woodward, $139; Mike McRill, $84; Lance Symonds, $0; Stan Evans, $211; Amy Zorn, $94; Nicole Laber, $597; Chip Hix, $167; Shelly Dooley, $212; Arlene Chilcote, $361; Peggy Henthorn, $537; Kelli Ward, $146; Patti Moore, $192; Pam Fultz, $404; Karen Wise, $643; Vonda Coverstone, $218; Natalie Buzzard, $128; Marcia Jarvis, $1,051; Diane Voress $3; Brooke Gessler $14; Sharon Maurice, $1; Anita Miller, $6; Deb Hovestreydt, $235; Greg Schmiesing, $155; Ruth Montgomery $32.

“The totals change hourly,” Keyes said. “It’s a real horse race. Some artists get their votes in the beginning. Some get them at the end. And some of them bring their votes to the ball.”

She added that votes don’t in any way reflect the quality of work.

“It’s just a fun way to raise money,” Keyes said.

This is the sixth year for the popular program and Keyes noted that every year, there are stories that come with the artworks. The stories this year, she said, are “fantastic.”

Staff report

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