DPO seeks soul singers

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DAYTON — The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra (DPO) has issued an official call for vocalists with both a passion and a proficiency in singing, particularly music in the soul and R&B genres.

As part of the upcoming DPO concert, “Soulful with Gavin Hope,” the DPO will audition singers to perform alongside the DPO and guest band, Jeans ‘n Classics. Winners of this vocal competition will be invited to perform on stage at the Schuster Center, Jan. 28. .

Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra is looking for two singers.

The specific songs to be performed at the concert will be selected by Jeans ’n Classics, and both winners will sing with Gavin Hope and Jeans ’n Classics at the climax of the concert. Each winner will receive four, front-row tickets to “Soulful with Gavin Hope.”

Online registration is open through Oct. 31 at midnigh. To ente the competition, local vocalists must fill out the official entry form at http://www.daytonsoulsinger.com. All fields must be filled out in order to enter. By submitting this form, entrants agree that any and all information provided may be used for publicity and online voting purposes, that he or she will be available for the dates listed in bold, and that no consideration of any type will be due to the entrant. Contestants must be 18 years or older and must have a permanent residence in Dayton-area counties.

A display web page of vocalists entering online will go live starting October 16. These entrants will be vetted by Dayton Philharmonic staff. There will be a voting feature on the display page, and residents from the Miami Valley can vote for their favorite candidates beginning Oct, 16. The Dayton vote tallies will be used, in concert with the judges’ votes, to select a field of finalists who will be identified and notified Nov. 3 by email. All other contestants will be notified at that time as well. Finalists will be announced from the Schuster Center stage, Nov. 4, during the DPO Rockin’ Orchestra concert “Landslide: The Music of Fleetwood Mac.”

Entrants may list only one YouTube video and to qualify, it must show the entrant singing, demonstrating his or her best vocals, either with a background track or a capella. Dayton residents who vote and judges may choose to take into consideration any other videos or sound files currently on the web: other YouTube videos, websites, Facebook pages.

Finalists will be invited to sing live, Nov. 12, for a panel of judges. Contestants will be provided a background track, microphone and sound equipment. The final winners will be selected at this time by the judges based on vocal talent, stage presence, general demeanor and overall grasp of the soul and R&B genres.

Public announcement of the two winners will be Dec. 9 at the Hometown Holiday SuperPops concert with Dayton Philharmonic and announced via WROU and in the Dayton Daily News, Dec. 11.

Judges are Peter Bre, arranger, guitarist and Jeans ’n Classics founder; Neal Gittleman, artistic director and conductor, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra; and Faith Daniels, WROU program director and on-air personality.

Staff report

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