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Staff report

SIDNEY — A group of advocates with disabilities, community leaders and professionals in the disability field gathered at the Shelby County Board of Developmental disabilities, Nov. 17, for a day-long event, titled “Creating Community Together.”

What makes a strong community? What unique gifts do we have as individuals to build a better community? How do we build strengths and include others as we work towards a better community? These were some of the questions addressed. The meeting was facilitated by Deb Wisniewski, faculty member of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute of Chicago. Wisniewski, who hails from Madison, Wisconsin, has done previous consulting work in Ohio, supporting county boards of disabilities in developing their community-based programing for people with disabilities.

This session focused on advocates with disabilities and how they can recognize and develop their individual strengths to help create connections and foster relationships that will help them become leaders in their communities.

Advocates and staff from Shelby, Darke and Preble Counties worked through a number of activities to recognize and develop issues that are important to them personally and to the community, recognize key personal and community strengths and find other groups and local associations to partner with on community development efforts. Representatives from the Shelby County United Way and the Sidney Police Department also attended and participated in the day’s event.

The “Creating Community Together” event was facilitated and coordinated by Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the Ohio Association of County Boards and the ABCD Institute.

Staff report

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