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WAPAKONETA — The author of “Galon the Northern Pintail Duck” has published a new book.

Pam Egbert, of Wapakoneta, has published “The Silver Heart” under her pen name, Samantha Sheridan.

“The Silver Heart was written in the 90’s and was the first book I had ever attempted,” Egbert said. “At the time I was working for a local newspaper, and I was in charge of feature articles. I loved writing and one day I sat down at the computer and just started to write.

“I didn’t have any idea where I wanted to go with the book. My love of horses had to be part of it, and I had read enough romance paperbacks I knew how the stories were written. When I look back, the thing about this book was it just came to be, not an outline of where I wanted to start or where I wanted it to end, it just was … The story created its self. “

Egbert said many of the characters are named after her family and 4-H club members.

“When the book was completed, and I sent it out to book publishers I always knew my daughter, Jaime, would be on the front cover,” said Egbert.

The book was mailed out to several publishers, and a company known for romance novels wanted the book split into two different books, make it a sequel. After several conversations with them, Egbert walked away. She put the book in an envelope, mailing it to herself so secure a copyright on it.

In the summer of 2015, Egbert was going through the closet in her office and she found the three ring notebook for “The Silver Heart.” Pulling out the book, Pam thought about the book and gave it to her assistant, Aubrey Williams, of Wapakoneta, who transferred the book from paper onto a computer.

In January, Egbert started editing “The Silver Heart” manuscript. The book was sent off to her book editor, Ann Westlake.

“Ann worked with me on Galon, and we worked so well together I wanted her to work with me on ‘The Silver Heart’,” said Egbert.

“I read The Silver Heart many years ago,” Jessica Wells, St Paris, said. “When I edited the story it brought back so many memories from the first time I read it. Pam was helping me do the edits so I can’t wait to read the completed book. I loved it as much now as when I read it at the age of 14.” She is Egbert’s assistant.

While Westlake edited the book Egbert worked on finding a silver heart necklace.

“I knew if the story revolved around this silver heart necklace I needed to find one to put on the front cover of the book.” said Egbert.

Montana Silversmiths, Columbus, Montana, gave Egbert permission to use one of their necklaces, and they would market the necklace with the book. A promotion was created at the 50th All American Quarter Horse Congress.

“We’re thrilled to be hosting Samantha Sheridan’s event for “The Silver Heart” at our booth at the All American Quarter Horse Congress,” said Montana Silversmiths Vice President of Marketing Judy Wagner. “The Silver Heart novel draws together so many things that are familiar and that we all love, all tied together with a real Montana Silversmiths silver heart necklace. Her book is perfect for everyone who loves horses, following your dreams and a good story.”

The All American Quarter Horse Congress was written into the storyline of the book. Egbert wrote to the AQHA, asking permission to use their organization in her book. They requested a copy of the book and sent an email giving their blessing to use their institution in “The Silver Heart.”

The final thing missing was something Egbert wanted more than anything with this project, an original song. Several years ago La Donna Brewer-Capps, Nashville songwriter, sent Egbert a song called “All I Can Do” for one of Egbert’s clients at ProDuctions PR LLC to use for their recording session. Egbert asked to use the song for “The Silver Heart.” Songwriters Brewer-Capps and Shara Johnson-Zimmerman and vocalist Aaron Loy agreed to let Egbert us “All I Can Do” in the project.

“When Pam contacted me about the song, All I Can Do, we were honored to be part of The Silver Heart book project,” Brewer-Capps said. “The song fits the story line of the book very well. All relations go through hard times and this song tells the story of two people who want to be together.”

October 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of the All American Quarter Horse Congress and in the early stages of “The Silver Heart” project development Montana Silversmiths and Egbert planned a book launch at their Congress booth. Egbert called Pete Oen, Ardmore, Oklahoma, and asked is she could use his name in the book.

“When I received the phone call from Pam and she explained the book to me, asking if she could use my last name in the book, I was more than happy to be part of this project,” Oen said. “I have known Pam since I was little so it didn’t surprise me when Pam told me she had written me into the book as a horse trainer.”

“The Silver Heart” book will be available on most of the Internet book stores and eBook stores, James Bruce, James Paul Publishing said. His company published Egbert’s book.

“We are bringing some paperback books with us to the All American Quarter Horse Congress on Oct. 28, at 10 a.m.,” said Bruce. “There will be a book signing and autograph session with Samantha Sheridan, aka Pam Egbert, and Pete Oen. Pete will be coming in for his barrel horse shows on Thursday and Saturday. They are signing the book and answering any questions about the book. We are encouraging people to read the book and ask the author and Mr. Oen to autograph the book with info they loved about the book.”

Montana Silversmiths will have the silver heart necklace available for purchase at the Quarter Horse Congress. Necklaces can also be purchased at http://www.montanasilversmiths.com/true-western-heart-necklace-nc3107.

“The Silver Heart” is available at the book store of BookBaby.com, https://store.bookbaby.com/book/The-Silver-Heart, which also has links to eBook sites and other book stores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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