Council begins end of year wrap-up

By Sheryl Roadcap - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Sidney City Council began wrapping-up some end of the year business through the adoption and introduction of ordinances to transition into 2017.

Public Works Director Gary Clough gave council a presentation on the city’s street levy project update during Monday night’s council meeting. He said during the summer of 2015, the first street projects were completed resulting from collections from the 2014 0.25 percent street levy. Clough said that 2016 was the first year street projects were “awarded based on a full year of revenue collections.”

Clough said city expenditures on road repairs have totalled about $3.6 million of the approximate $4.6 collected from the levy since 2015. He said the funds have repaired 16.42 miles of roads via the “mill and fill” method, 1.9 miles were microsurfaced and 19,975 feet of curbs and gutters were replaced.

In other business, council adopted three ordinances for the amendment of sections of codified water, sewer, stormwater and solid waste collection rates; an ordinance assessing the cost of repair of a dangerous building; and for supplemental appropriations for 2016 and declaring an emergency.

The ordinance on utility and refuse rates, utility and sanitation rates will increase by 3 percent for water flow and sewer flow, increase by 2 percent for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance fees, 1 percent for the stormwater fee and 3.5 percent for refuse collections.

For low volume users, the water, sewer, stormwater and solid waste collection rates changes will increase their monthly bill by $1.43; an average family of four’s bill will increase by $3 per month. Water and sewer rate changes will take effect on Jan. 1, 2017. Refuse and stormwater rates will become effective on April 1, 2017.

The dangerous building ordinance is for the assessment of the cost to secure a duplex on West North Street that was declared a dangerous building. The city received a complaint on Aug. 30 of broken windows and of potential dangerous building at 504-506 W. North St. Upon the inspection, broken windows a broken door lock and piles of accumulated combustible debris was found. The property owner was notified but he said he was unaware he was still the owner and had no intention of taking any action. Sidney then took the steps to hire a contractor to boarded-up and secure the duplex, costing the city $350. The work was completed on Sept. 12.

Council also approved supplemental appropriations for the capital improvement fund and the municipal income tax fund and declaring an emergency. Emergency approval for funds was needed for the city to take advantage of the significant end of year discount for replacement of the police and fire radio system. The system is priced at $555,000 in December, but will increase to $727,000 after the beginning of the year.

Council was also introduced to six ordinances, and they were:

• For making supplemental appropriations for 2016;

• To make an appropriation for expenditures for the city during the year ending Dec. 31, 2017.

• An amendment of a section of codified ordinances regarding personnel policies, procedures, and regulations;

• For the assessment of the cost of weed cutting and/or the removal of litter or junk.

— For the removal of litter or junk, property owners will be invoiced the cost of the work plus 20 percent. For weed cutting, property owners will be invoiced the cost of the work plus $50 for the first cutting, $75 for the second and $100 for each cutting afterward.

— $9, 438.76 of special assessment will be collected with other tax property obligations from 46 properties that had weed cutting, and $1,881 for junk removal.

• An amendment pertaining to the income tax code.

Council also adopted two resolutions for the acceptance of the Wannemacher replat, and authorization of the city manager to enter into the annual agreement with the Shelby County Public Defender Commission to provide public defender services.

The Wannemacher replat was approval for two new lots in place of the three current lots at 416 N. Wagner Ave. in a single family residential district between Michigan Street and Grove Street. In January a fire destroyed the garage and afterward the remaining dwelling was demolished. The intent is to build two new homes on the lots.

During the public comments portion of the meeting, a resident spoke about his concern about several city street lights that are out and not yet replaced. He asked council if perhaps night shift police officers could take note and report the needed replacement locations. Mayor Mike Barhorst said they will have to get back to him about the request.

Barhorst reminded all there will not be a workshop meeting in December and the next council meeting will be on Dec. 12.

Also, City Manager Mark Cundiff said DP&L will be announcing two industrial certified sites will be named in Sidney on Friday, Dec. 2 at 7:30 a.m. at the Bridge Restaurant on Poplar Street.

Council also held an executive session for pending or imminent court action. No action was taken when they emerged from the session.

By Sheryl Roadcap

[email protected]

Reach the writer at 937-214-6543.

Reach the writer at 937-214-6543.

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