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Police log


-9:10 p.m.: domestic violence. A 16-year-old male was arrested for domestic violence.

-4:55 p.m.: theft. Andrea Leaf, 44, 135 Leisure Court, reported the theft $350 by someone representing themselves as an Internet security company.

-2:27 p.m.: warrant. Jeremy Couchot, 33, Houston, was arrested on a warrant.


-10:52 p.m.: making false alarms. Kimberly Hendershot, 54, 744 Brooklyn Ave., Apt. 31 A, was arrested for making false alarms and telephone harassment.

-6:40 p.m.: theft. Michael Fagan, 54, 1727 Fair Oak Drive, reported the theft of an animal trap.


-9:24 p.m.: driving under the influence. Zachary Schmitz, 26, 742 Marva Lane, was arrested for OVI and OVI refusal breath with prior DUI.

-11:51 a.m.: theft. Thomas Johnson, 55, 128 ½ N. Pomeroy Ave., reported the theft of his wallet containing $20 from his residence.

-9:21 a.m.: theft. Samuel Jackson, 46, 1202 Rees Drive, reported several items were stolen from his car, including his cell phone, keys, and wallet, containing $80 and several personal cards from 128 N. Pomeroy Ave.

-1:50 a.m.: burglary. Randy Epley Jr., 39, 1009 Hayes St., reported the theft of his 43-inch flat screen TV, PlayStation 3, 25 video games and a men’s wedding ring, valued at $500.

-1:23 a.m.: burglary. Nicole Herron, 38, 928 Buckeye Ave., reported the theft of a PlayStation 4 and four video games.


-2:35 p.m.: burglary. Carl Stewart, 62, Quincy, reported a past burglary and damage to a storm door and a man door.

-1:51 p.m.: criminal damaging. Anthony Smith, 25, 728 Clinton Road, reported his father’s truck was damaged with a dent in the tailgater and damage to the rear taillight.

-12:10 p.m.: contempt. Thomas Johnson, 55, 128 ½ N. Pomeroy Ave., was arrested on a warrant.

-10:35 a.m.: theft. Willie Hudson, 60, 633 Mohican Court, reported the theft of three landline phones from him residence.

-9:44 a.m.: contempt. David Marlow, 22, at large, was also charged with contempt later after earlier arrest.

-9:20 a.m.: obstructing official business. David Marlow, 22, at large, was arrested for obstructing official business and for a contempt warrant.

-5:41 a.m.: criminal damaging. Brandy Sharp, 33, 328 W. North St., reported two tires on her vehicle were slashed.

-5:37 a.m.: burglary. Jesse Yates, 26, 326 Maple St., reported the theft of a 42-inch Vizio TV, a PlayStation 3, an IPhone, 15 blu-ray disks and 10 DVDs.

-5:27 a.m.: criminal damaging. A tire on the vehicle belonging to Ashley Shirk, 29, Bradford, was reported to have been slashed at 200 N. Pomeroy Ave.


-9:36 p.m.: theft. Walmart on Michigan Street reported the theft of merchandise valued at $64.84.

-8:56 p.m.: safecracking. Jerry Vanhorn, 47, 234 S. Miami Ave., reported the theft of $293 from a locked safe at his residence.

-5:02 p.m.: theft. A 10-year-old male was arrested for shoplifting after Walgreens on Michigan Street, reported the theft of $92.23 in merchandise from the business and from CVS Pharmacy on Fourth Avenue that was concealed in his backpack.

Nov. 16

-8:12 p.m.: criminal damaging. North Broadway Church of Christ on Broadway Avenue reported damage to a door and frame at the Church caused when someone tried to break-in.


Chiana Smith, 35, of Piqua, was cited with fail to control after a collision on Monday at 9:49 a.m.

Smith was attempting to turn into a parking spot in the 200 block of South Ohio Avenue when she struck the unoccupied parked vehicle owned by Michelle Gortt, 219 ½ N. West Ave.

Gortt was also arrested on a warrant.

• Matt Fahnestock, 34, 206 N. Pomeroy Ave., was cited with right of way left turn after a two-vehicle collision on Monday at 9:33 a.m.

Fahnestock was traveling eastbound on a private drive and as he attempted to make a left turn onto North Vandemark Road he struck the vehicle driven by Elizabeth Flowers, 29, of Lima, that was traveling northbound on North Vandemark Road.

• Kendra Wysong, 24, 660 Ridgeway Drive, was cited with unsafe vehicle after a collision on Monday at 6:09 a.m.

Wysong was traveling westbound on state route 47 when the left front tire came off off the vehicle and continued westbound into the eastbound lanes of travel until it hit the eastbound vehicle driven by David Cook, 48, 1801 Glenn Place.

• Micalah Hensley, 18, 3302 Red Feather Drive, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after a two-vehicle collision Friday at 10:13 p.m.

Hensley was stopped at a red light on Michigan Street at the intersection of Vandemark Road and when the light turned green she rear-ended the vehicle stopped in front of her driven by Mitchell Medued, 17, 8024 Smalley Road, that did not move yet.

• Carleton Omstead, 77, of Anna, was cited for starting and backing vehicles after a two-vehicle collision on Friday at 6:57 a.m.

Omstead was backing out of a parking spot in front of 134 N. Main Ave. when the vehicle driven by Chad Thompson, 42, of Dayton, struck Omstead’s vehicle in the rear, while Omstead simultaneously struck the front of Thompson’s vehicle.

Fire, rescue


-9:09 a.m.: medical. Medics stood by for a police department call.

-12:35 a.m. to 12:52 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to five calls.


-7:30 p.m.: oil leak. Crews responded to Court and Wilkinson Avenue on the report of an oil leak from an automobile crash.

-5:24 p.m.: fire. Crews responded to 115 W. Highland Ave., Apt., 3, on a carbon monoxide detector investigation. The batteries were bad in the detector.

-6:55 a.m. to 8:34 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to nine calls.


-3:21 p.m.: fire. Crews responded to an odor investigation.

-2:20 to 2:50 p.m.: fire. Crews responded to two fire calls.

-7:48 a.m. to 8:21 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to nine calls.


-9:11 p.m.: mutual aid. Crews responded for mutual aid of Anna.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

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