Architect gets dizzy on roof of building, falls to his death

NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities are investigating the death of an architect who fell to his death after apparently getting dizzy while working on the roof of a New York City skyscraper.

Bruno Travalja, 52, of Ridgewood, New Jersey, died Thursday afternoon after plunging from the roof of the 42-story building in Manhattan, police said Saturday.

Travalja took off his harness and knelt down to take some measurements when he became dizzy and fell, they said.

The Daily News, who reached his wife, reported that he was the owner of Crowne Architectural Systems in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Alexis Travalja told the newspaper that she and her husband started the firm that builds windows and curtain walls in their basement 11 years ago.

“He was the most honest, hard-working, truthful human being who ever walked the face of the planet. It was a tragic accident,” she said.

No one could be reached at the firm, which was closed on Saturday.

Alexis Travalja said her husband attended Pratt Institute, a private college known for its architecture program, and that he had later worked on a building there. They had three children.

Police said Travalja fell on a second-floor landing between 52nd and 53rd streets and suffered severe trauma to his body. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Calls to the Department of Buildings were not answered on Saturday.


This story corrects the spelling of Travalja, instead of Travelja.


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